Making Tracks

  • Season 1
  • Aired 02/07/2014

Stacy and Dave find some tracks that give them the encouragement they need to keep going.

Follow the ridge?Yup.



Ooh, that's a good track.

There ain't no bearlooking like that.

We've come acrosssome tracks,

and they're about13 1/2 to the heel.

Okay.A 55-inch stride.

Damn, that is awesome.

There's more.There's more?

They keep going.

Impression there.

Impression here.


We found tracks.

That is a Bigfoot track.

I mean, look at thistrack right here.

The absolute width of this--this foot.

Big toe.

Oh, the two center toesright here.

Damn, I'm speechless, man.

This is (bleep) amazing.

You know what is, man.

I mean, it seemssurreal right now,

but we both know what the(bleep) this is, man.

This is (bleep).

Words can't describehow I feel right now.

I mean, peoplego their whole life

and don't findmultiple tracks.

Here in the middleof Bluff Creek,

we are hot on the trailof a Sasquatch.

We are on a trackway.

We are following this bitch'til we get to the beast.

(bleep) yeah.

(bleep) damn, boy.

We got a Sasquatchto catch, bro.