Hookah Training With The Master

The staff at Oasis gets training from the foremost authorities on hookah in the world. Things get heated when the lack of staff knowledge becomes apparent.

We have to teach them how to prepare a hookah from scratch.

How do I get this out?

I'd like Corrie to set upa hookah for us right now.

So grab the grommeton there.

- Is that a tight fit?- That's a good fit, right?

This is a good fit?I'm barely touching that.

When it's loose like this,you're sucking in air fromall different angles.

- Corrie: Right.- It's supposed to be airtight

all the waythrough the hookah.

I'm looking bad.I can't even boogie.

Corrie is looking bad.We both could be doinga better job.

It's not going onvery easily.

It's not a joke.Customers are waitingand they're getting pissed off

and they're about towalk out the door.

What are you gonna do next?

Didn't you forgetsomething, Corrie?

- Oh, the water.- You gotta get some waterin your hookah base first.

I can tell right now,when you go to apply coalon this

and you've gota full hookah setup,

it's gonna be hardto get any smoke out of it.

That's hookah basics.

I mean, we're talkingabout hookah 101 here.

Just one hookah coaland a wind cover.


- Okay, the smokelooks really weak.- Very thin.

Yeah, really weak. Can you put another coal on for me?

Now let's see if the smokequality's different.

There you go, that looks a little better, doesn't it?

A lot thicker.

Narrator: The shisha in a hookah pipe

contains a syrupy mixture of tobacco, molasses, and glycerin.

The glycerin vaporizes at exactly 290 degrees Celsius

and then carries the tobacco through the system.

Properly heated shisha is critical in producing thick smoke,

ultimately determining the quality of the experience.

All this stuff that we'vebeen doing right now,

this took way too long.

I don't knowwhat their problem is.

I know how to put a hookah together.

No, seriously,you are fightingfor your job.

This was a reality checkfor her.

I know that witha kick in the ass

she can get to whereshe needs to be.

Now's your chance.Now's your opportunity

to prove thatI'm the manager that--

- I just think it's --.- Corrie, you got this.

You know that you got this.

- I really have nothing to say.- What, are you giving up?

I'll admit that I haven'tdone anything in a while.

- Corrie: Fine, --, --!- Woman: You're -- up.

( Corrie sobbing )