Hell House - First 8 Minutes

Posted on: April 12, 2002 | Views: 308 | Comment

We start to get to know the church leaders who run this unusual haunted house.

Forget those wannabe haunted houses, Hell House is the real deal. Every year, the Trinity Assembly of God Pentecostal church in Dallas, Texas, does Hell House on Halloween night. Tour guides escort people through this most hellish of haunted houses, showing how demons tempt gullible teens into what could be fun situations that end with horrifying results.

Two filmmakers with a camera were allowed entry into the underbelly of the Hell House where they documented with a reporter's eye the outrageous process of creating the House and its show. What emerges is an almost unbelievable portrait of not only those who produce the event but those who experience and are influenced by it, as well. 

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