Restaurant Owner Reveals A Troubling Secret

David, the owner of Sake Sushi in California, hasn't been completely honest about the finances behind his restaurant. He reveals that he and his partner are dangerously close to bankruptcy.

After leaving yesterday,I'm not even sure whatI'm walking into today

or that I even want towalk into it.

This is aboutwhere we go from here.

I appreciate youcoming back out.

Let me level withall of you here.

With the amountof debt that exists,

I don't see anyother option here

besides--besides a Chapter 7.

My plan was toclose the doors

- next month.- Wait a minute.

I was to the pointwhere I didn't wantto continue.

--. I can'tbelieve you.

Ki, are youon any of thisdebt personally?

Oh, yeah.That's-- that'sthis idiot.

I believethat if we havea fighting chance

to earn an investment,we would be able to cutour debt in half.

I think we couldsalvage this.

We're not gonna give youdollars for old debt.

We're gonna give youdollars and we're gonna saywhat they're used for.

Do you guysstill wanna gothrough with this?

- Um, in that case--- If the business is successful,you'll pay that off.

--we have to do our best

to take this placeto its full potential.

I think you and I have a solid enough friendship

to workthrough this.

Relying onyour friendship

- hasn't worked out so well.- I'm not perfect.

There are a lot of things that I need to change,

and that takes humility.Ki is the operator.

This isthe first time I...

heard somethinglike this from this guy.

I think we're readyto work togetheror split.

I really seesomething happening.

I actually feelvery bad for John,

because I know what it feels like to be owning

a restaurant when you're young, and it is a lot.

I really wantto help him moreon a personal level.

Let's goto work, okay?