Terrible Bartenders And Uncooked Mozzarella Sticks

If you are a bartender that doesn't know how to make a simple martini, you should reconsider your career path. Also, Taffer and his experts witness a very rare sight: the "one minute chew."

This place is a joke.

- Just keep overpouring.- ( laughs )

You don't need to overpour

to make someonebuzzed and happy.

You make 'em a good drink.

- In a pint glass, Tony. You see that?- It's huge.

So, either there'san obscene amountof liquor in that

- or it's olive juice. One of the two.- Way too much.

Oh, she's putting her hand--

- Ew!- Oh, she's been smoking!

Tony: The same hand she was smoking with.

Oh, handling money.

Can you do itwithout the ice?

Just switch itto another glass?

- You don't want ice?- No.

Whenever I order a martini,I expect it to be up

unless I request itto be on the rocks.

So she just dumped that all into a glass...

Yeah, I'll dig 'em out.That's cool.

Now the customerhas to reach inand get that olive out.

That's just lazy.


- The martini is crap.- Oh, she doesn't like it.

I wouldawalked out by now.

Shawna, I want an orderof mozzarella sticks,

a couple of Swiss and bacon burgers,medium rare.

- Well, whatever.- That's cooking 101.


All right, so we got a few hamburgers going down.

- Do you see the fryer?- I do.

It's bubbling.There is a layer of gunk

on the bottom of that fryer

that is not allowing it to fry properly.

There's that.

Tony: Okay, well, she's eating.

Jon: Look at that look on her face.

Tony: Yeah, she's chewing that over.

- Ew.- Oh, you know how you have that mozzarella that's so hard?

Tony: She can barely swallow this.

- Look at her.- Wow, she's still chewing.

She's been chewing20 seconds.

30 seconds,the same bite.

Hold on.

This is a world-class chew.

She's been 40 seconds.

Are we gonna make a minute?

The one-minute chew!Here we go!

Yes!The one-minute chew.

I'm not sureI can eat that.

Maybe the burgerswill be better.

- Hopefully.- ( groans )