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Ray Tracey in Full Tilt

Posted on: June 6, 2001 | Views: 24 | Comment

2 Minutes, 1 Hovercar, a Thousand Obstacles

Ray Tracey, a sassy speed demon, has just two minutes to race and catch a screening of the Electronic Theater.

Unfortunately for our heroine, she must evade the pursuit of the dangerous "Cop-Cycles" and "Heli-Cop-Ters", who will spare no firepower to stop her journey.

This fast-paced, computer-generated action takes place in a magnificent "Retro-Future."

Created as an unpaid project for SIGGRAPH 2000 (an international organization for computer generated imagery), "Full Tilt" opened the Electronic Theater during the convention in New Orleans.

Aristomenis (Meni) received the emergency request to deliver the opener in just six weeks. Using one of his already developed film ideas and characters, Meni storyboarded a film that required exactly 2 minutes of action, plenty of references to CGI's short history, and of course, SIGGRAPH's Electronic Theater.

Meni came out of a traditional arts and film-making background. He's been creating CGI for six years and is currently a freelance Director and VFX supervisor working out of (www.menithings.com). 

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