Transformation In the Bathroom

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/10/2014

After dealing with Avi and getting him to return to the job, Adam and Skip were able to turn this contaminated home into a beautiful place to live.

Hey, hey.

The last timeI saw the house,

it was basically nonfunctional.

So I'm really looking forward to coming back

and having my home again.

- Tell us what you think.- Okay.

Let's check outthe bathroom.

See what's goingon in here.

Oh, my God.This looks so nice.

Wow. It's like a designer did this.

Yup, we gotyour traps sealed.

Oh, this looks beautiful.New sinks, new vanity.

Everything was done.It was awesome.

- Kitchen is next.- Let's do it.

- Wait tillyou guys see this.- All righty.

( gasps )This is so awesome.


Oh, my God!

This is beautiful.

When I walked intothe kitchen today,

everything was new and shiny and clean.

There was no more contamination.

It was just beautiful.

I'm so happy.

Skip: It feels like a whole different place.

It smells likea whole different place.

It does.That's true.

Actually, it smellslike nothing,

which is the bestsmell ever.

You know what?It smells like a fresh start.