'This Is Clearly A Big Mistake'

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/17/2014

When Adam & Skip take a look inside Valerie's "art studio," they see a completely amateur job that is a huge liability. There is no pressure treated wood, and the HVAC configuration is very dangerous should an earthquake happen.

Wow!( chuckling )

Adam: This is bad.

Skip: What happened here?

- Supposed to be yourart studio, huh?- Yup.

Well, I do feellike cutting off my earand sending it to a whore.

( laughing )

- A little artisthumor for you.- I see that, yes.

Framing is really veryamateur-looking.

Adam: Just a bizarre configuration of 2x4s.

And obviously,this is clearlya big mistake,

frame break-downonto the concrete.

No pressure-treatedlumber.

Very important to usepressure-treated wood

anytime lumber comesin contact with masonry.

Wanna make sure no moisture can wick back up inside that wood,

and also keep the insects,like termites and carpenterants, out of the wood.

What's going on with the airconditioning over here?

Adam: This HVAC stuff is comical.

The way he's got thisbuilt up on a shelflike this--

did you pay himto do this also?

Actually, he cut the braceand he put this here.

This should neverbe supported down fromthe ground like this,

'cause if there ever wasan earthquake here,

that would transferright to this equipment.

Oh, Jesus.

Skip: Per code, the HVAC unit in Valerie's garage

must have seismic strapping

and be suspended above vehicle height

or shielded from impact by protective barrier.

Any sort of impact can break open

the gas or electrical lines attached to the unit,

which could trigger a devastating explosion within the home.

I knew this was bad,I didn't think it was tha bad.

Yeah, it's that bad.

Obviously this guycame in and he knewhow to play you

in your time of needwhen you were grievingand most vulnerable.

Stole your moneyand left you with this.

And that's really what's pissing me off right now.

All the money that you di spend was completely wasted

- and we have tostart over from scratch.- Oh, Jesus.