Bad Habit

  • Aired 01/20/2017

Officers make stop on a nervous man with a lot of bad habits.

-Where's it gonna bein your backpack?

-Uh, probably that front pocket.-This one?

-Okay.-That's a little morethan a little bit.

Personal use,do you sell, or...?-No, personal use, sir.

-Okay.-I... 'cause I work a lot.I work a lotta hours.

-You got some methamphetaminein there, too?-I got it, yeah,

I got a little bit.It's all personal use, though.

-That's all personal use.-It's all personal use, sir.

That's why they're notbaggied up or nothin'.

-So what you're telling meis you smoke methamphetamine...-No, I sniff it.

-You sniff-- okay, so yousnort methamphetamine...cocaine.... and marijuana?

-Uh, well, that's onlyto go to sleep. But I don'tdo it while I drive.

-I'm not on itright now or anything,it's just to stay up.

-Well, I understand.I'm not talkin' aboutwhen you're drivin',

I'm just sayin', that's a--that's a variety rightthere, brother.

-(laughs)-We're gonna go backto the honesty, okay?

I didn't have my lights on,you turned in here, were youtryin' to get away

from me?-No, sir.No. Once I turned,

I seen your lights on the car.-I didn't have my lights onwhen you turned, bud.

-I'd seen them, sir.Yeah.-Okay.

-So I was like, okay.You know... I already knewI was gonna get stopped

because of the license plate.-Mm. All right, bud.

Is that gonna be it?-And maybe a personal scalejust to weigh my stuff.

I have peace of mind, you know,I mean, that I'm notgetting screwed.

-Ripped off, right?-Yeah.

-And how long have you beendoing all three of thosesubstances?

-Uh... maybe three months,four months.-Three months, four months?

-I mean, how did you come aboutdoin' all of 'em?

-Uh, well, I've been doing cokefor like (indistinct).

-How long you been doin' coke?

-Uh, probably half a year, year.

-What made you wannago to meth?

-Uh... the longer stay-up.'Cause you stay up longer on it.

-I mean, you enjoy that?-Uh, work and stuff like that,I work a lotta hours and stuff.

-And so you doall those to stay awake,and when you're tired,

you're just, like,all right, smoke a little weed.

-Yeah.-Will you put him in the back?