The Wislocki's Brand New Kitchen

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/07/2014

Once Myron decides to leave the job and not return, Adam & Skip fix his terrible work and give the Wislocki's what they never had: a beautiful kitchen.

- Oh, my God.- Oh, my God!


Oh, my God.It's beautiful.

Oh, it's gorgeous.

Oh, my God.

My adrenalineis running wild.

I just could not believewhat I was seeing.

Skip:This is how it should've beendone in the first place.

Everything here issized properly.

So this way, it all functionswell with your appliances.

The hood vent is the properheight above the burners,

- under three feet.- It's just perfect.

We should finish our tour

by going to the old kitchen,the bedroom.

We did a littlework there, too.

Oh, my God.We've got our bedroom back.

Oh, my God.

Dave:We have our bedroom back.

It actually looks like a room.Oh my God.

Dave:I'm so thankfulfor Adam and Skip

to come and finish upwhat Myron couldn't do right.

We were so rejected afterthis whole thing went bad,

and now our faithis restored.

Our work is done here.

Thanks, guys

Thank you, Adam.Thank you so much.

Adam: The bottom lineis hiring neighbors--

never a great plan.

Go camping with them,

maybe put down a coupleof cold ones and watchthe Steelers game.

But if you're doing a kitchen,hire a licensed contractor.

That's peace of mind.That's safety.