'This Place Is A Complete Disaster'

  • Season 3
  • Aired 05/29/2014

After Nicole Taffer completes the first ever bar recon mission, she goes to the car to tell Jon Taffer just how bad this bar is.

Nicole: This place is a complete disaster.

It's filthy.It's uninviting.

The food there is absolutely disgusting.

They need help.

- Wow.- Bad?

Terrible.The place is awful.

The dining roomwas just mismatched.

The place is old-looking,dirty.

How was your food?

Did it have three colorson the plate?

Was the flavor right?Was it professional?

No, the foodis just disgusting.

What about your drink?What'd you order?

Well, what I ordered and whatI got were two different things.

I ordered a vodka with raspberry and orange juice,

and I got just a screwdriver.

- Jon: Didn't have any red tint to it at all?- Nicole: No, not at all.

It goes downhill from there,if you can believe it.

When I got my order, the owner turned the fans on,

and a bunch of dust flew in my food.

The place was so bad,they were telling me

about the competitorsdown the street.

I wonder whythey're losing money.

This is actually more of a mess than I thought.

It's gonna be a tough week.It's time for me to go to work.

Jon: Nothing can be fixed on the inside

if people don't comethrough the front door.

It's crazy to me that the sign isn't even on.

I can't wait to meet the guywho runs this place.

- How you guys doing?- Good, you?

- Good. Jeff around?- Where did he go?

Jeff!Sitting right over there.

- Jeff? My name is Jon Taffer.- How are you?

- I'm good, how you doing, man?- Pleased to meet you.

- Good to meet you, too.- So you're the professional.

I am. Let's go sitin your office and talk, okay?