Zebra On The Loose In Sacramento

In Sacramento, CA, officers shut down major highways and local residences while a renegade escaped zebra runs all throughout town. Threre are several close calls before the wild animal is eventually corralled by his trainer.


responding to the report of a

hazard. Uh...

Evidently there's a, uh,

full-sized zebra wandering

around the area.

Supposedly it's been in and out

of traffic.

We are, uh, running at a traffic

break trying to keep all

vehicles away from the zebra to

keep the zebra safe.

Um, we have other units in front

of the zebra attempting to

conduct a traffic break for

oncoming traffic as well.

We have, uh, several law

enforcement officers in the

patrol vehicles escorting the

zebra, and he's continuing to

run down Fair Oaks Boulevard.

(indistinct radio transmission)

Well, we just received an update

that this, uh, zebra was

recently spooked and scared by,

uh, some dogs.

Uh, he's thought to be... very

feral, uh, possibly would damage

property or injure a person, um,

so they just want us to keep our

distance from it.

The individual in front of us in

this next vehicle is the

trainer, and he's trying to

lasso the, uh, the zebra.

>> There he is.

>> ROYAL: Let's get out.

I'm gonna get out over here and

try and block these bushes off.

>> Go, go, go.

>> ROYAL: At this point, we've,

uh, trapped the zebra in the

backyard of a residence, and

we're giving it some time to

relax and chill out.

>> I'm gonna kind of survey what

our fence situation here is.

>> ROYAL: According to the

trainer, the zebra would have no

problem going right through a


And he is pretty amped up.


doesn't want it completely

blocked off because he says

it'll go through the fence or

over the cars or whatever, so...

>> Uh-oh.

Huy, huy!

(trainer whistles)

>> TELLIANO: Well, he got the

lasso on.

>> Hey, Thomas...


>> Okay.

>> ROYAL: It looked like for a

moment there, the trainer got

the lasso on the head of the

zebra, but there was no way he

was gonna be able to hold on to


That zebra is very strong and

very fast.

(indistinct radio transmission)

It looks like the zebra's out


This thing is, uh, is getting

really excited, and it looks

like he might be turning around


(siren chirping)

Psh, psh, psh, psh.

>> Why don't we bring some cars

up-- plug this hole?

>> ROYAL: Okay, everybody block

this-- swing all the cars in


Uh, we're gonna...

>> Go inside! Now!

>> ROYAL: Go inside!

It's a feral zebra!

>> Huy, huy!

(trainer whistling)

>> ROYAL: Psh, psh!

>> Huy, huy! Oy-hyah!


>> Most interesting day of your



>> ROYAL: So, it looks like

we've been able to keep him

confined in this back section.

>> Go into the pool. Good boy.

There you go!

The gate's just to your right.

There you go. Go left.

Go right.

Go right in there.

>> ROYAL: At this point, my

partner is trying to coax him

into the pool area.

>> Go on! Go on! That way!

(helicopter blades whirring)

>> ROYAL: You know, I-I think we

should just try to stop trying

to rope him, uh, because

that-that horse is just gonna

drag him, and it's one thing to

get drug on dirt.

It's another thing to get drug

on the concrete by a...

>> True.

>> ROYAL: ...by a feral zebra.

>> A feral, upset zebra.

>> ROYAL: Yes.

(trainer yelling in distance)

>> Oh.

(helicopter blades whirring)

>> ROYAL: He already tried to

take me out, like, three times.

>> Man, he's got you...

>> Into the water! Good girl!

>> ROYAL: Shh.

>> Good girl!

>> Okay, guys, back off.

Back off.

>> Good girl!

>> Get her, get her!

(gate slams)

>> You're in now, baby.

There ain't no way out.

>> We're over here.

>> You got it?

>> Want to go this way?

>> No, no, no, no. Come over

here, come over here.

We want to keep her away from

that wood.

>> ROYAL: She's gonna clear it,

isn't she?

>> What have we done now, guys?

>> She'll be able to clear the

fence, guys, so just watch it.

>> Um, I don't know...

>> Oh!

>> ...was such a good idea.

>> She's gonna swim down to the

low end.

>> Is he all right?

>> Yeah.

>> They can swim.

>> She's getting to the stairs.

She's gonna get out of it.

>> Stay there, it's a hot day.

She's just gonna swim around for

a little bit.

>> She needed that.

>> Would you, uh, get prepared

to bring in?

>> Mm.

>> Come on, come on!

Come on, girl.

>> Give her a little slack.

Let her catch her breath.

Let her catch her breath.

Give her slack.

Give her a little slack.

Give it to her.

She's going to trip.

>> There we go, there we go!

>> Oh, baby.

Let's just let her catch her


>> Perfect.

>> We got the trailers in now.

Do you want to walk her down to

the trailer or get the trailer

over here?

>> No, no, no. We want to get

the trailer close.

>> Back off the rope a little


(indistinct radio transmission)

Watch yourself.

>> Shh!

>> Hold on, hold on!

>> Hang on!

>> Take the slack.

>> Okay.

>> You got the slack?

You got it? You got it?


>> No! Keep going that way,

sweetheart. That way!

>> Whoa.

>> That way, sweetheart.

>> They kick.

Watch the rear end.

>> Careful.

(zebra snorting)

>> All in all, successful,


We got it-- we didn't hurt him,

none of our people got hurt.

Um, yeah, we used a little bit

of resources, but it is what it


That's, uh, kind of the name of

the game.

You never know what's gonna

happen when you show up for