The Crow - Killing Scene

Posted on: April 12, 2004 | Views: 1,211 | Comment

Draven relives his death and discovers some of his new powers.

Legend goes that crows ferry the dead across to their resting place. However if the death demands revenge then the crows will assist the avenging souls. On the eve of his wedding, Eric Draven and his fiancee are attacked by criminals, she is viciously assaulted and both are murdered. Draven, once a loving man, returns to the nightmarish city. With the crow as Charon, Draven steps out of the night as a killer instead of a victim. Exploiting his undead ability to heal quickly, he delivers murderous justice with both glee and bitterness to each criminal who snuffed out his life on the brink of happiness.

This film is part of the Sundance Channel's Midnight Snack series.  

rape • crow • rapist • healing • murder • flashback