The Staff At O Face Crumbles During The Stress Test

Since Jon and Russell had to waste all of their time breaking up a fight, they had no time to train the staff. This becomes very clear when a stress test is full of broken glasses, terrible pizzas and impatient bar patrons.

- Two pepperoni pizzas.- Two of everything and twopepperoni pizzas.

So they're basicbig-box store pizzas.

- Yeah.- How long do they take?

About 10 to 12 pizzas with four pizzas in.

- Gotcha, and then you slicethem and send them out?- Yep.

- Let me ask you a question,man-to-man.- Yeah?

What's wrong with Karen'sattitude tonight?

She's still pissed off.

Matt: I think she's really frustrated right now.

I know she's gonna pick it up.

But if she smiled, it wouldmake a big difference.

It would, it wouldmake a huge difference.

It'd mean moreto the clientele as well.

- Say something to her.- I will.

So how longhave we been open?40 minutes.

How many cocktailshave we gotten out?

- Both: Six!- In 40 minutes!

( scattered cheers )

Are you guys cooking pizzafor these two?

Matt:Yes, I have their twopepperonis in right now.

It's frustrating.I'm getting frustrated.I know you are, too.

We just gotta keep smilingand keeping these customershappy.

They're gonnalove the product.

We've been here over an hourand we still haven't gotour pizza yet.

Joe, two pizzasjust fell off the back.

- ( cracks )- Oh!

Russell: He's breaking glassware over there.

Okay, you guys have brokenall your mixing glassesbesides two.

You got two mixing glasses,two bartenders.

There you go.Okay.

So, I need two morepepperoni on the fly.

They've been waitingan hour for a pizza,these two.

Okay, let mego check on that.

Say something to them.Smile.

- Say something to them.- I will.

- Let me gocheck on that for you.- Serve them.

- Do you not want to be here?- No, I just talked to them afew minutes ago.

Their pizzas-- said I wasgonna check on them.I told them.

Tonight I see her attitude.

She's working 'cause I'm telling her to.

There's no change here.

Matt, honey, could youjust go get the pizzas?

I need to straightenthis-- I wanted youto make shots, not--

- Matt: I'm trying here.- Karen: I'm gonna do it.

- Oh, here we go.- Here we go.

- Oh, no, we hadtwo pepperonis.- Two pepperonis?

- Yeah.- Oh, I thought youhad a-- I'm sorry.

Straight from the conveniencestore, is what this is.

I can't finishthe last two pieces.

Tastes like --.

Will you do me a favor?Will you smile once?

This is the hospitalitybusiness. Smile, do this.

- I got it. All right.- Come on, Karen,you can do this.

I got it.

- I'm speechless.- Dave doesn't knowwhat he's doing.

Matt doesn't know this business.

- He can't hold this place up.- Karen's attitude.

The attitude's definitely still there.

That stubbornness is still there.

- We're fightinga losing war.- Mm-hmm.

Russell: Keep up the steam, guys. Come on.

- Oh.- Russell, you are notgonna believe this.

That's your lastmixing glass, brother.

That's it.

We couldn't trainand now we're paying the price.

Neither of these bartenders can get drinks out.

Matt is trying, but doesn't know what the hell to do.

He's burning pizzas in the pizza oven.

Karen is back therelike this. Angry.

She spent more time in her office than she did

helping one customer tonight.

This is a disaster.

Finish up your drinksand call it a night.

This placeis frickin' closed!