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Hustle - Sneak Peak 2

Posted on: February 8, 2006 | Views: 30 | Comment

Two cons have a fireman on the edge of coughing up 6,000 British pounds Sterling when one of them makes an obvious mistake and suddenly the two have to flee the score.

Call them grifters, con artists, thieves, but these are no ordinary petty criminals. They are expert con artists with a higher purpose, proficient at relieving the greediest fat cat of their heavy wallet and off-shore bank accounts. With effortless charm and engaging humor, the stylish gang of slick hustlers perform their scams set against the backdrop of a shiny-bright, unsuspecting London in the new AMC/BBC original series HUSTLE.

Hustle has been very successful in Britain, the U.S., and Spain and has been renewed for a fourth season in 2007. 

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