'Johnny, You're Lying'

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/13/2014

When the Scotts confront contractor Johnny about their dangerous bathroom, he claims that he was robbed, and that's why he can't repay them their money.

- Relax, Laughton.- What you gonna doabout it?

Laughton, please,listen to me.

- I never did--- All right, I'm listening.

- When you finish,I'm gonna talk.- No, no, no. Just listen.

Adam: Kori kept putting her hand on Laughton's shoulder,

trying to back him off a little.

And Laughton kept doing like,

"Should I throw a left cross?Maybe I'll throw the right."

I feared for Johnny's life.

Let's talk aboutsome of the big issues.

Evidently, you weren'tthe one who did the electric.

- Laughton put that wire in?- I didn't touch nothingin the bathroom.

- I remember taking it down.- You ain't never takethat wire down.

I ain't never put no wireup there. I don't mess withelectrical... at all.

All right.Johnny, you're lying.

Let me ask this.Somebody got two grand of yours,

what you gonna doabout it?

-- I'd be pissed offjust like you guys,

but I explainedto you what happened to me.

Somebody that I letstay over took our money

and every dime I hadoutta the house.

What does that have to dowith my bathroom?

'Cause your guys' moneywas there, too.

Okay, why not take itto the bank and deposit it?

- So, you're saying somebodyrobbed that money from you?- Money that I had in a--

That's not their problem.You should put the depositin the bank

like any professionalcontractor. Hold that moneyin escrow.

Not in a sockunder your mattress or whereverthe hell you were keeping it.

If somebody stole it,that's your problem, man.

I'm pissed,'cause this is mygrandparents' house.

( voice breaking )They worked hardfor this -- house.

- I never intentionallytried to come in here--- Man, stop talking to me!

- Like, like, no!Stop! Stop!- Yeah, okay.

All you had to dowas pick up a phone.

How many timesdid we have to call you?

And your voicemail is full,you don't return text messages.

There's been many a timesyou have made arrangements

and just not showed up.

There's been timesI've missed class, finals,

midterms to be here

because you said yousegonna be here and younever showed up.

Kori: This is my grandparents' house.

This is the legacythat they left us

and we trusted youto help restore that legacy,

and you just said, "Oh, well, there was issues."

Okay, well,I have issues too.

But I don't stop sitting here doing what I gotta do

because I got issues.

You know, man.( sniffles )

We're gonna getto the business of makingthis bathroom right for you

and he's gonna be under our supervision

and we're gonna have him do this work.

It's gonna get done,no problem.

Man, I'm just pissed offabout it. I don't wannatalk about it no more.

I'm pissed off, dawg.Like you know what I'm saying?I'm good.