The Turtle King

Posted on: February 17, 2006 | Views: 26 | Comment

Gatchaman on patrol as an unidentified presence invades the area.

An update of the original GATCHAMAN series, known in the US as BATTLE OF THE PLANETS, this is the first part of a three episode OVA collection that modernizes the original characters. Here, Ken, Joe, June, Jinpei, and Ryu return, this time during the year 2066 when the International Technology Commission is trying to implement "The Mantel Plan," a system that would unify the Earth's energy resources. Unfortunately, an alien race known as the Galactor is planning to destroy any hope the Commission has for actually achieving their goal by decimating city after city. So, it's up to the Gatchaman and their ship, the Phoenix, to save the Earth from the nefarious Galactor. 

heroes • battle • Earth • aliens