Live Bait

  • Season 1
  • Aired 01/31/2014

Justin & Ro helpfully volunteer Kirsten and Shaney to serve as Bigfoot bait. Is this the missing piece to lure out Sasquatch?

We're gonna use themfor live bait.

(Stacy)I use girls for bait at home,

and it's no different here.

The Sasquatch,they're more inclined

to come around femalesthan they are males.

I don't know if they'reless threatened by females

or they may be horny.

Stacy and Dave are hoping

that Kirsten or Shaneymight be ragging,

so that's another thingthat we know that Bigfoot

has been attracted toin the past.

Or ovulating.

(Shaney)I don't mind being bait.

That puts me one step closerto Bigfoot.

Hell, if he picks me up,

I might get DNA evidence on me,

so that'd be pretty gnarly.

(Dean Cain)You have the entire night

to hunt for Bigfoot.

Get out there and hunt,good luck.

(Stacy)If there's Sasquatchin the area,

we should be able to get himon film with the bait.

I was wanting to usethe girls for bait from day one.

We're thinking with our headsand not our wieners.

We're gonna try to get onthe backside of the lake

and beat everybody there,

so we can collectall the good samples

before night falls.

Switch arms.

You do thisfor a little bit.

This is gonna behard as (bleep).

The competitionis getting stiff.

Um, the weaker teamshave gone home,

so we needto step it up now.

We want to try do it all.

I mean, I'm hopingthat we can bring back

two good Bigfoot casts,

probably two hair samples,

and two scat samples,

and then perhapsfind a nesting ground

or a birthing stationalong with all that.

We are the bestBigfooters here.

(whispering)Okay, that is not elk scat.

What the (bleep) is that?

Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me?

Would you say thatthis is Sasquatch (bleep)?

With a 100% certainty,this is Sasquatch (bleep).