I made a stupid decision

  • Aired 10/26/2016

A cop humbles a young woman after she gets caught shoplifting

Courtney, what are youdoing today? Come on.

-What am I doing?-What are you doinghere today?

-Well, I was doing shopping.

-I don't know.-What happened then?

-I guess I...

-You don't haveany criminal history,

-I know.-You're young...

and you're in hereshoplifting today.

-I can't answer that

because I madea stupid decision.


-I know young peoplemake dumb mistakes and stuff,

but as far as it went today,

you're continuingto lie about it to us.

That's the partthat kind of sucks.

You know, just be honestand forthcoming

about what you'redoing here today,

what you stoleand what you didn't steal.

-Well, I didn'tcome here to steal.-I understand that.

But I understand that youprobably didn't go to anotherstore today and steal either.

You probably came here,and you stole.

Okay? So all that merchandisein there that you said youbought at another store,

it's probably from here, okay?

-No, not all of it.

-Let's just make it easieron her in there

trying to trackall this stuff down,

and just tell her the truthand what you did and whatyou didn't do, okay?

We'll get you out of herea lot faster

if we do it that way, okay?

-All right.-All right.

-I appreciate it.-Start making the rightdecisions, okay?

It's not too lateto make a good decision, right?

Okay. Go sit down in there.

All right? And justbe honest with her

and tell her what'sgoing on, okay?-Okay.

-'Cause I don't feel likeyou've been that way so far.