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Inside the Bubble - Pony Time

Posted on: October 14, 2005 | Views: 157 | Comment

Head press wrangler Jim Loftus freaks out when he can't get a pony delivered to a hotel room.

On Election Night - 2004, members of John Kerry's Traveling Staff were gleeful. Despite the fact that many of them had been Senior members of the team that had stood at the brink of the Presidency just four years earlier, this battle weary team of political operatives had done the math, reviewed the secret exit polls, and declared victory.

But history would write a different end to the story. And Democrats, despite a deeply wounded White House, record voter turnout, massive fund raising, and a generally willing press corps, would find themselves once again standing outside the gates of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue looking in. What could have possibly gone wrong? 

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