The Creation of ER

Posted on: September 18, 2003 | Views: 38 | Comment

ER series creator Michael Crichton and Director Steven Spielberg discuss the genesis of the hit medical-drama series.

This four-disc set includes all 25 episodes from the first season, including the 90-minute pilot. Special features include: Personal Notes from series creator Michael Crichton; a new, exclusive documentary on the making of the pilot; a new, exclusive documentary on the making of the first season; "The First Year Intern Handbook," an interactive feature with complete character profiles, 45 "patient" histories of the various guest stars and a medical terminology glossary; two commentary tracks on the pilot episode: executive producers Michael Crichton and John Wells and pilot director Rod Holcomb and key production crew; two featurettes: one about the medical consultants and writers and another about the series' post-production process; key production-crew and director commentaries on the "Love's Labor Lost" live episode, directed by Mimi Leder, and "Sleepless in Chicago," directed by Christopher Chulack; outtakes and unreleased scenes; and hidden bonus materials. 

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