IMPACT WRESTLING: Bobby Roode vs. Hernandez

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Does it pay to be Roode? A newly-focused former champion Bobby Roode is looking to make a comeback in the Bound For Glory Series. 

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American Hero Chris Melendez Comes to IMPACT WRESTLING (2:20)

Chris Melendez had two dreams: To fight for his country and to become a professional wrestler. He survived an IED attack, adapted, overcame the odds, and now comes to IMPACT WRESTLING.

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X Division Championship: Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe (10:02)

Low Ki earned the #1 Contender spot by winning the Six-Man Scramble elimination match, now two of the best to ever compete in the X Divison fight for the championship.

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Six Sides Of Steel (11:19)

There are no pinfalls or submissions – the winner and #1 Contender, is determined by the first person to escape the cage.

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Stairway to Janice Match: Bram vs. Abyss (10:18)

Bram and Abyss face off in a Stairway to Janice match to see who will go home with "Janice".

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Knockouts Championship 4 Way (7:35)

Gail Kim defends her Knockouts Championship against Taryn Terrell, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.

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Team 3D vs. The Hardys (17:05)

One of the great rivalries in wrestling is renewed as Bully Ray and Devon face Matt and Jeff Hardy.

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X Division Elimination Scramble (8:37)

Six men square off for a shot at Samoa Joe and the X Division Championship.

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For months, Bully Ray has been on the hunt for TNA President Dixie Carter. His objective was simple, to put her through a table. Toinght, IT HAPPENS.

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Monster's Ball Match: Abyss vs. Bram (10:52)

The last time Abyss met Bram in a Monster's Ball match, Bram used Abyss' prized weapon, Janice, to defeat him. Abyss took it very personal and is bent on revenge.

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8-Man Hardcore War (17:46)

Team EC3 takes on Team Bully in an extreme Hardcore War. Bully enlistes the help for an old friend to take out EC3 and his cronies.

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