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Speed and Angels - Effect of G's

Posted on: September 12, 2006 | Views: 247 | Comment

Documentary footage of a pilot in the air being subjected to excessive G-force and passing out. Intercut with various naval officers and pilots talking about the effects of G-force.

Speed and Angels is the true life story and feature-length action documentary about two navy officers chasing their dreams to become fighter pilots. The film follows them during the most dangerous parts of their training and as they go to war, where the realities of being a fighter pilot test their limits.

The film includes epic aerial footage in stunning HD including the last ever F-14 Tomcat dogfights and rare naval archival and wartime footage. Thanks to unprecedented access granted by the navy, Speed and Angels gives an inside look at people's journeys as fighter pilots as it has never before been seen.

Based on the original concept of producer F.A.Chierici, Speed and Angels is directed by Peyton Wilson.

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