Taffer Likes This Pizza

The food quality at Pizzalino's in New Jersey is far superior to Evil Olive in Brooklyn, but the sales just aren't there. Can the Investors make this tasty slice marketable?

Has a better flavor,I think, when it's cooking.

That's a Grandma right there.

Taffer: You got a nice stroke there, Joe.

You like that?I've been doing itmy whole life.

You got some chops.

- Let's go sit down.- Yeah, let's eat.

- You making this pie or no?- What do you think?

Relax, all right?

- Besh: This guy gets pizzas.- Derry: Agreed.

Besh: And that's inspiring.

- But he can't market his business.- No, he cannot.

Derry: Well, they look amazing.

Turn it over.That looks likea good New York pizza.

- Derry: Yeah.- It's got some color to it.

I'm very nervous.These are big-time people

we're dealing withand they know what they'retalking about.

You can look at the crustand see that it looksmuch better.

Should we give itthe test?

- I like it.- It's crisp.

- It's got a nice bite.- Still got that littlechew, too.

Tomato sauce is tasty.

This is a higherquality cheese.

You don't have that broken fat,

that grease puddling up over the top

like we did over at EvilOlivE.

You can definitely tellthat they're using muchbetter product here.

This isn't thatall-purpose flourthat they use.

They're using a bread flourwhich is higher in gluten.

You get a little moretoughness.

You get a little more chew.Pass the Grandma.

- That's a good bite.- Oh, I like that.

I would invest here becausethey have a great pizza.

That they're doing right.

Oh, my gosh.It's delicious.

I thought Grandma'swas pretty good.

Cheese pizza was my favorite.

- I'm impressed with Joe.He can make a pie.- Me, too.

Besh: The fact is I'm afraid to invest in something

that's only doing $72,000 a year.

I can't arguewith you, John.

I wouldn't investin either of theserestaurants right now.

EvilOlivE doesn't have a product I would invest in

and PizzaLinos businessis a total failure.

- Joe.- Yes.