Colin Clarke's Raven

Posted on: June 6, 2001 | Views: 61 | Comment

RAVEN is a short, computer animated film created entirely on desktop computers. Set in an urban world of demons and magic, RAVEN tells the story of a vengeful warrior from Hell who is sent to Earth to prevent a powerful sorcerer from bringing about a demonic apocalypse.

In life, Rachael Blackstone was a healer. But after a brutal death at the hands of an evil sorcerer, she was reborn in the fiery pits of hell as RAVEN the Demonslayer.

Sent back to the living realm fifteen years later, Raven's mission is to destroy the demons that have made a secret pact with a shadowy syndicate to unleash a demonic apocalypse upon the Earth. But in doing so she uncovers links to her own forgotten past, and secrets of which she was unaware.

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