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The Rabbi

Posted on: October 29, 2007 user submitted | Views: 8 | Comment

Jonny is a compulsive liar, he has been all his life. But when he exploits the mistaken identity of a Rabbi, will one lie too far be his last? "The Rabbi" is a new comedy short from the pen of Sam Holtmon & Daniel D Moses CAST Jonny "The Rabbi" SIMON PINKUS Baby Jonny TZVI KATZ Jonny's Mother AMANDA KORC Date 1 SARAH DEVI GIUBILINI Date 2 KANDICE MORRIS Car Jacker MICHELLE WEBBER Rabbi "Boss" Green ULYSSES PATTICHI Dave DAVID AHRAIN Mickey MICHAEL BANIN SPECIAL THANKS TO Robbi Stevens, Victoria Howell and The Young Person's Theatre Company Moy Korc and 'Russell Black: Bathrooms, heating and plumbing' for use of premises Adam and Orly Katz for loan of hat and baby, both of which will be returned shortly The Moses family for being in the credits CREW Written by SAM HOLTMON & DANIEL D MOSES Sound by PATRICK MOORE Lighting by LOUIS SEGAL Original Music composed by PATRICK MOORE & DANIEL D MOSES Directed, Produced, Shot & Cut by DANIEL D MOSES