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A Question of Faith

Posted on: July 19, 2001 | Views: 42 | Comment

Star Wars homage.

It is an age of turmoil, 2000 years before the famed battle of Yavin. The Jedi and Sith both struggle to maintain order in their seemingly failing systems. A small gathering of Jedi has formed with the hope of restoring balance to the Force, a task that has seemed far from reach until now. News has arrived that a Dark Lord and leader of the Sith has fallen, but others are greedy to assume his position. Lord Calaval, a former Jedi and brother to the respected Jedi master Jerahl, is among these few. The Assembly feels that action must be taken in this time of vulnerability. However, Jerahl, opposing the wishes of his allies, has decided to embark this mission himself, vowing to regain his lost brother...

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