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1 Giant Leap - The First 5 Minutes

Posted on: June 22, 2005 | Views: 0 | Comment

Four years ago, Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman set out to make an album and video fusing spoken word, sounds, rhythms and images from around the globe. They spent six months roaming 25 countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and North America, meeting with artists, storytellers, shopkeepers, scientists, authors, cabdrivers and philosophers. Traveling light, using only laptop computers, high-quality microphones and digital video cameras, they documented what turned out to be an incredible experience.

Along the way, Jamie and Duncan recorded the penetrating wisdom of Kurt Vonnegut, Ram Dass and Linesh Shesh, a hardware store owner in Mumbai, traded fascinating stories with Tom Robbins, Dennis Hopper and Yosef Kantor, the Rabbi of a synagogue in Bangkok, and captured stunning musical performances from Michael Stipe, Baaba Maal, Robbie Williams, Speech, Neneh Cherry, Ulali and Grant Lee Phillips, to name just a few.

*1 Giant Leap - The DVD (Sept. 10, 2002)*1 Giant Leap - The CD (out now)

The 1 Giant Leap CD features 12 songs that mirror the themes of the DVD - a sonic, musical, rhythmic journey, filled with the kinds of discovery and surprise that rarely happen in the confines of a recording studio. Its gorgeous sound is a product of the collaborative, multicultural process by which it was recorded, each song consisting of parts contributed from different corners of the globe. Above all, 1 Giant Leap is an exploration of the predicament of being a citizen of Earth at this crucial point in history.

For more info, visit:www.palmpictures.com 

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