Godhead teaser trailer

Posted on: January 21, 2006 | Views: 0 | Comment

The Godhead teaser trailer is a sneak peak into the full length feature film that will be released in 2006.

Godhead is the story of Magus and Zero, who are best friends in their early 20's. One morning Zero finds a round, translucent, quarter-sized piece of blue glass. A dragon tear. As he places the tear in front of his eye and looks through, he is transported into another world of images, dreams and shadows. Much to his surprise, in this other realm (and only in this realm) he encounters a woman named Eave. Zero shares the tear with his best friend, Magus and they begin to transport themselves, through the tear, one at a time, over and over again. Involving themselves deeper and deeper with Eave, their friendship, in the end, is destroyed through jealousy and betrayal. Although the story ends with a broken friendship, the story within the story fuels the human spirit, leading to inevitable transformation and transcendence for the characters and viewer alike. 

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