Bad Comedian, Terrible Bar Owner

The #10 worst owner in Jon Taffer's personal list of poor proprietors is the owner of a comedy club in Scottsdale, AZ. He seems more concerned with his jokes than refining his business.

I start my countdownwith a bar that had an owner

who was too busy bombing onstage

to manage his business.

Who's been here before?

Not enough of youto keep us in business.

Jon: Howard not only drove customers away

with his poorly-crafted comedy bits,

he also refused to tend to the bar at all.

Look at all thesebills, man.

But it was Howard's oversighton a poorly vented kitchen,

that makes Stand Up Scottsdale in Arizona

the 10th most disgusting bar I've ever rescued.

I opened the doorand walked into a curtainof beef smoke!

- Is this place on fire?- It seems like it, yeah.

- I'm Jon.- Jon, so happyto meet you.

Jon: As soon as I opened the door, I got hit in the face

with this cloud of burnt beef.

This whole meat saunathing is finished.

- Do you likelosing money?- I don't.

Well, 'cause that's whyyou're losing money, man.

We're making you allsmell like barbecue.

Everyonelikes barbecue.

We do comedy!

We don't do customer service!We don't do cleanliness!

- But you're in thehospitality business!- We do comedy!

( scoffs )I don't know what to do.

No management!

Can you believe it?A meat sauna.

It's burningmy contacts.