'This Ceiling Could Crash Down At Any Time!'

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/21/2014

Adam & Skip survey the terribly unfinished job. They find unfinished drywall, no heat, and a load bearing wall was removed-- then never replaced. The resulting lack of support is incredibly dangerous.

- So this is it.- Yeah, welcome.


Oh, my God.

Scott:What do you say, 90%?

- No.- Not even close.

This is probably oneof the worst drywall jobsthat we've seen yet.

If there was likea drywall prison program

where we broughtyoung impressionable teens,

I would askto use this house.

I think it's colder in herethan it is outside.

Because we don'thave any heat.

There was a thermostatin one of the wallsthat they took down.

So this wall used to goall the way up to the ceiling.

And because they pulled it out,for two months

we've been living herewithout heat.

Yeah, with ourlittle floor heater.

It's all bad.This beam thing is really bad.

I can see the huge bowin the ceiling

So it's obvious thatthe structure that's up here

is not doing its job.

He didn't think the ceilinghas enough weight on it

that it would have beena problem.

When you have interior wallsinside the house,

it's not justto separate the rooms.

They hold up the restof the structure.

It all works together.

Skip:A load-bearing wallis specially designed

to carry the weightof the structure above it.

If this wall is removed,

an engineer-approved beamor header

has to be put in placeto hold the load.

The beam in this housewasn't strong enough

to support the weight.

Therefore, two additional beamsneed to be sistered on

to keep the ceilingfrom collapsing.

I mean, the whole thingcould've crashed downon Scott and Samantha.

It's extremely unsafe.

Well, I'd like to goafter this guy.

Do you guyshave pictures?

- Yeah.- DNA samples?

This is his pretty face.

- Wow.- Wow, what's his full name?

Jeff Dillman.

This looks like somethingyou'd see on a real estateagent's business card.

Jeff Dillmangets it for you.

People don't trust contractorsbecause of these criminals.

It's guys like this thatmake our job very difficult.

I really hate guys like this.

We're gonna tryto track him down

and get him to whathe may think is an estimate.

And you guys will actually havean opportunity to confront him.

- Yes!- Yeah.

We'll give himthree options.

One, he can payyou back in full.

Two, he can come backand do the job correctlyunder our supervision.

Or three, we'll helpyou guys take him to court.

- All right.- Yeah.

- Thank you.- Thank you.

Try to stay warm.We'll see you soon.