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Destroy All Humans - E3 2005 Producer Interview

Posted on: May 31, 2005 | Views: 37 | Comment

THQ has created what is probably the most entertaining story line in a game to come out in a while. Destroy All Humans allows players to be Crypto, an alien warrior on a scouting mission to Earth. His goal, to clear the way for a full scale invasion of the Human planet. Infiltrate the humans, harvest their brain stems, or just destroy them, you choose. The game features an awesome arsenal of alien fire power, including the Ion Detonator, Quantum Deconstructed and the alien classic, the Zap-O-Matic. Besides that, use mental powers to read minds, hypnotize, body-snatch and kneel the humans into submission. The game pays tribute to the long running genre of sci-fi horror and gives reference to a wide range of old flicks, for all the buffs interested.  

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