10th And Wolf - Deal

Posted on: August 8, 2006 | Views: 7 | Comment

Marine Sgt. Tommy Santoro thinks he's left the family business behind, but is coerced into ratting them out instead.

Inspired by the true-life accounts of FBI Special Agent Joseph D. Pistone, otherwise known as "Donnie Brasco," 10th and Wolf tells the story of Marine Sgt. Tommy Santoro (Marsden), who in 1991, thought he had left behind his family's ties to organized crime. Returning home to South Philly, he faces the biggest moral dilemma of his life as he reconnects with his brother, Vincent (Renfro), and cousin Joey (Ribisi), who both have become something he vowed never to be. His homecoming turns him into something much worse. 

Donnie Brasco • mafia • family business • interrogation