This Bar Staff Is Completely Unruly

The staff at O Face is more concerned with getting drunk than turning a profit. During his recon, Jon Taffer watches in disgust as patrons jump behind the bar, an owner won't tell patrons what they're drinking, and a bar manager on a war path. Something has to change here.

Look at these girlsbehind the bar makingtheir own drinks.

perfect example of how to lose your liquor license.


Syck seems to be doing a good job of keeping everybody in line.

You guys got random -- bitchesrunning the bar

and you left the register?

- What are you holding?- I got it.

You're holding a shot, so go and sell it.

But why is a random ass --running --?

Jon: It seems like Bryan and Cerissa

are the only onesin this bar thatgive a damn.

Cerissa: You want an o-gasm?

What's an o-gasm?

Is that your boss?

They want to knowwhat's in the shots.

I'm not gonnatell you what's in it.It's our signature shot.

- I'm not taking thisuntil I know what's in it.- Then don't take it.

- I'm not telling you.- Jon: This is ridiculous.

Matt is refusing to tell a customer how much alcohol is in a drink.

That could leadto overconsumption,and it's irresponsible.

I'm not gonnatell you what's in it.

- Are you kidding me?- Customer.

- Customer, my employee.- You're not a customer.

- I'm not.- Go serve shots.

Way to go, Cerissa.She's actually looking outfor her customer's safety.

- It's nice to see somebodydoing their job.- Oh, absolutely.

All I was asking her,what was in it.

She doesn't know. We don'ttell her our products.

What the --are you doing?

Stop talking --!

What's going on?They're arguing.

Tell her to gosell the shots.

Amanda, hey.

- Stop. Stop.- Keep-- eh.

Did you reallyjust hit me in the face?

Look at this,how dysfunctional this is.

- It's ridiculous.- They're all arguingwith each other.

- Go!- Sell the shots!

Don't stand backhere and bitch.Go sell 'em.

That's howthe bar owners act.