An Oasis Of Garbage

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/23/2014

Unlicensed contractor Jeff promised Chris & Damian a balcony and a backyard oasis- complete with a hot tub. Now, their house is nothing more than a dangerous eyesore, with no sign of a hot tub.

All we wanted to dowas be able to use thissliding door and look out.

So it could havejust been a Juliet trim.

I hope Julietdoesn't weigh morethan 40 pounds.

( laughing )

He's just hoping that thesesmall carriage bolts

are going to holdthis whole thing to your house.

I mean,it's completely unsafe.

This whole thing shouldhave been cantilevered way backinto the house.

Skip: A cantilever is a beam that is supported

at only one endand carries a loadat the opposite end.

For every footthat the beam sticks outfrom the exterior wall,

it has to extend three feetback into the house.

So in this case,the two-foot balcony

needed to extend backsix feet back pastthe exterior wall.

Chris: This is original trim, this is from 1898.

And he just took his wiener and punched it rightthrough there.

- Damian: Take a look.- Oh, good gravy!

I don't even know whyI'm leaning on this thing.

- This is very dangerous.- You got your parachute on?

Grab hold of my belt.I'm gonna lean offof this thing.

- I got ya.- Yeah, he's got acarriage bolt here.

It's pulling away from the top. Surprise, surprise.

It doesn't look likethere's a bottom boltat all.

This thing istwo pigeons away fromhitting the driveway.

One pigeon, I think,it could hold...

two? Or a heavysetpigeon?

This thing'scomin' down.

Skip: So this guy's clearly breaking all the rules.

So, any contractor thatbolted up a half-ass

balcony like thisto someone's house

obviously had no regardfor their safety

and that's the mostimportant thing here.

- Whoa.- Yuck.

It's like a war zone out here.

- This is how he left you guys?- This is how he left it.

Damian: This is our backyard junkyard.

- Oh, my God.- It was supposedto be our oasis.

Damian: We paid him in full for this.

There was supposed to be a hot tub there.

He's supposed to dothe electrical for thehot tub.

Some landscaping--

What's with the sheets?

Damian: Our property backs out onto this building right here.

And he's like, "Oh, you could just tent it,

sheet it, put something--some fabric on it."

And we're gay, so we'relike, "Fabric... fabulous."

- ( both laughing )- And so--

Turns out they paidin full for the hot tub,

but thehot tub never showed up.That's called stealing, people.