The Great Unknown

  • Season 1
  • Aired 02/22/2014

Garage sales are the great unknown, but Bryan and Jason still manage to use their expertise to find the good stuff.

Jason: Garage sales seem to be the great unknown.

Is somebody cleaning out good stuff or...?

Are you sure this is a garage sale

or are you just putting the trash out?

Hey, guys. How you doing?

Hey. Good. How are ya?

This isn't just one garagesale; this is a whole community,

a group of yard sales.

That means there could be a lot of good stuff there.

Jason: It's like an outdoor antique mall.

I love it.

Oh. A salt and pepper shaker for your fish.

What do you know? She'sgot Hawaiian shirts too.

It's like Hawaiian ShirtDay for me. It's awesome.

Someone get thatman a mai-tai.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

On to the next house.


Do you like that?

arfield as a mermaidG or Pisces. 1981.f

Oh, yeah.I'd get it.


Air Force.

I like this cookie jar.

t sorta looksI ike you.l

I hate you.

How are ya?

Good. How are you?

Bryan: Overall, I spent $11.50

and I hope to turn itinto about $120.00.

I spent $24.00 and I hope to turn it into $180.00.

Have a good day.

You too.