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Pump-Action, directed by Phil Captain 3D McNally, is currently taking the festival circuit by storm. As of June 2000, it has claimed four first-place awards, three magazine covers and an invitation to the prestigious Electronic Theatre Program at Siggraph 2000. But maybe the most amazing thing about Pump-Action is the fact that Captain 3D was the only person to work on the film and using the moderate set up of Cinema 4DXL software and an Apple Mac G3 400 over 14 months.

Pump-Action stars Vic Vinyl (the inflatable psychopath), Balloon Boy (who has nowhere to hide) and Balloon Dog (who surely must be a pig). Over four torturous minutes, the audience can only look on as a horrific scene unfolds as the forces of vinyl take on the innocence of latex in this curiously familiar workshop setting. Unable to help, the only option fo rthe audience is to laugh.

To find out more visit: www.pump-action.co.uk 

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