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Mau Mau Sex Sex - 'Introduction Montage'

Posted on: July 20, 2001 | Views: 315 | Comment

Imagine spending time with two of your favorite storytelling grandfathers who just happened to make dirty movies. MAU MAU SEX SEX is a ribald character study of two All-American hucksters, Dan Sonney and David Friedman, who the New York Times calls "The Sunshine Boys of Smut!"

They are either Independent Cinema's original outlaws or the nation's two oldest living smut peddlers or maybe both. This documentary feature offers a scintillating sojourn through a century of cinematic sex, and an hilarious and unexpectedly poignant look at the friendship, families, and fortunes of two men who found their calling catering to a repressed society's forbidden desires.

The movie combines the latest digital technology with vintage film clips topresent a kaleidoscopic take on a loopy, sex-mad society - and two cagey operators who knew how to exploit it.

From first-time Director and Producer Ted Bonnitt. Running time: 80 minutes.
Playing in theaters summer-fall of 2001. For show times and reviews visit: maumausexsex.com
Contact Ted Bonnitt at: ted@maumausexsex.com

Mau Mau Sex Sex - Lili St. Cyr
Mau Mau Sex Sex - Trailer

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