'We Choose To Invest In Mr. Sushi!'

After the owners of Sake Sushi remove themselves from the equation, the Hungry Investors decide to place their investment dollars in the hands of Mr. Sushi restaurant and its staff.

- Taffer: Dave, Danny.- Derry: Hello.

- Hi.- Taffer: Good to see you.

- Derry: Good to see you again.- Besh: David.

- Derry:David, good to see you.- David and Sunn...

we initiallywanted to investin your restaurant.

- Oh, my God--- Initially.

Initially. Oh...

That was our goal.Then I came here,

walked in to finda drunk chef...

...who served my friendspossibly the mostoffensive thing

I can ever imagine at a family restaurant.

Tiff and Taffand myself,

we werethrilled to see

your willingnessto change.

However, we'relooking to investin a sushi restaurant

that has the greatestfinancial opportunity,

and you havetough competition.

But they dropped out.We're not consideringthem anymore.

So this isall about

whether wewant to investin you or not.

If we don't invest...did we leave youin a better place?

Oh, yeah, yeah.Most definitely.

We have learneda lot of thingsfrom you guys.

All right,you know we hada very difficult choice.

And you knowit's just business.

And we have madea decision.

We choose to investin Mr. Sushi.

Oh, my God!


- How about that?Is that awesome?- Oh, my God!

( sobbing )

David, why are youso emotional?

I wish that my dadwas here right now.

Taffer: You've proven yourself as a chef,

as a businessman,as a partner.

Now you're gonnamake us proud, too.

Yes, sir.

You've asked usfor $50,000.

We've crunchedthe numbers,and we believe

we can get it donefor $34,000.

There are conditions--these are the thingsthat must happen.

One...no more drinkingwhen we work.

- Yes.- Everybody should becomfortable at Mr. Sushi.

Two... we wannamake sure that yourun this restaurant.

David and Sunn,y'all have to be a team

when it comesto food cost.

He knows the prices, you weigh everything,

and you price thingsso that you can grow.

Three...we wanna increaseyour omakase

all-you-can-eat menufrom $25.95

to 29.95.

- Do you agreeto those terms?- Yes.

- Yes.- ( Derry laughs )


Mr. Sushihas a lot to offer.

I mean, the foodis incredible,

their personalities--they're humble people.

I believe what they say.But there is nobodyin this area,

I mean nobody,who is doing sushilike they're doing it.

I'm proud of you, man.You're awesome.

I can't waitto come back.