Follow the Bouncing Bull

Posted on: August 17, 2002 | Views: 0 | Comment

This sharply witty ensemble piece illustrates the way things get done in Hollywood. This 20-year journey of lies wrapped in prevarications and surrounded by fibs begins with a coked-up sitcom star faking illness to avoid meeting his father for an early morning breakfast and culminates with a young actress' performance of her one-woman show and ensuing rise to stardom. In between, we meet various characters equally guilty of falsifying their lives. From a bipolar, bisexual theatrical agent to a kindly veterinarian whose oath to heal sick animals won't stand between him and Lakers tickets, no character is beyond contempt. Yet this is just the way it goes in Tinseltown, where double-dealing is as accepted as dirty air.

Shot on digital video, this well-acted comedic short packs laugh upon laugh into each deceit-filled moment. 

deception • showbiz • celebrity • acting • Hollywood • lies