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End - Under Pressure - Jeremy Klein and Heath Kirchart's part

Posted on: November 9, 2004 | Views: 0 | Comment

Some postmodern cinematography of Jeremy and Heath, who skate everything from bus stops to gas pumps. Sometimes they even do it on fire.

The most anticipated skateboard video of 1998, The End is Birdhouse's high-cost brainchild of a video offered to all you skate-hungry kids out there.

The video, shot entirely on 35mm, starts off with McCrank's part, marking his entry to the Birdhouse team. Following that are parts from Willy Santos, Andrew Reynolds, Steve Berra, Heath Kirchart and Jeremy Klein, Tony Hawk, and Bucky Lasek. Somewhere in there is also an Amateur section featuring a slew of young talent. Each skater has a Hollywood caliber skit that serves as an intro (and/or closing) to his part. Mostly rock, hip-hop, and instrumental electronic tunes blast throughout the vid.

There are many reasons that The End was one of the most highly awaited videos of 1998. If nothing else, just look at the team. But the real highlight of the movie is Heath and Jeremy's combined part, as they destroy (literally) everything that gets in their way with their van and then set up a jump ramp to skate a variety of signs, a bus stop, and even a gas pump. It's pure fucking innovation and that's what skating needs more of. 

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