Husband Catches Wife In Bed With Another Man

In Palm Beach County, Florida, Deputy Vanyi responds to a report about a husband who caught his wife in bed with another man.


to become a cop when I was in

community college.

I knew I didn't want to work a

desk job, and I wanted to work

outside and have fun.

You won't get rich doing it, but

you'll have a lot of fun doing


And, uh, I don't know how to do

anything else and I don't want

to do anything else.

You can't beat it.

We're going to a domestic where

a man came home and found

another man with his wife, and

now he is blocking the vehicle

owned by the other man in.

So we're going to go over here

and find out what is going on.

Bravo 2297.

( garbled radio transmission )

>> You brought Jimmy over?!

>> VANYI: What's going on?

>> Oh, you son of a bitch!

Son of a... Because ( bleeping )

>> ( bleep ) has got to leave my


>> VANYI: Okay.

>> That's it.

>> VANYI: What's the problem?

>> ( laughs ): The problem?

He's sleeping with my wife.

>> You son of a...

( sobbing )

>> VANYI: Where's the other guy


>> I have no idea.

>> Yeah, Travis...

And you had to bring Jimmy into


>> I need a character witness.

>> What are you gonna do?

>> Oh, you needed a character


What are you going to do, take

my kids away from me?

( bleep ) you, you...

>> VANYI: Hey.

Hey, Stephanie.

>> All I want is them to leave.

This is still my residence.

>> VANYI: Ma'am...

>> It's my residence, too.

My name is on this house, too.

>> VANYI: Ma'am.

Hey, hey, Stephanie, where's the

other guy at?

>> I don't know!

>> What's his name?

>> Because he won't leave so

that he can leave.

>> I have no idea.

Scott something.

>> VANYI: Ma'am, what's his


>> Scott.

>> VANYI: Where's he live?

Two doors up?

>> Hmm?

>> VANYI: He live two doors up?

>> No.

>> VANYI: Tell me what happened.

Tell me what's the story.

>> I came home this evening.

I been watching our kids for a

week, because we had been... uh,

we've had problems.

I've watched our kids for a week

for her to sit and think about

our situation with us.

This evening she supposedly went

out down at City Place.

I was at a friend's house

hanging out, watching TV.

I came home to find another

gentleman's car in my driveway,

went in my house, went into my

bedroom and saw my wife naked

with another man.

>> VANYI: Let's go find this

other guy.

I guess he's down the street.

You want to talk to him?

I got to go talk to this other


This is the guy that got caught

with the other man's wife.


were you doing whenever he came


>> Just...

just laying in her room.

>> FULTON: You were laying in

her room?

>> Yeah.

>> FULTON: Are you hurt?

Do you need EMS or anything?

>> No, no, I'm fine. I'm fine.

( laughs ): I just want to go

home, man.

That's all I want to do.

>> FULTON: Can you go through

the timeline?

Like, tell me what happened.

I mean, how long have you guys

been... hanging out?

You and Stephanie.

>> I mean, I've known her for a

lot of years.

I've worked with her and...

>> FULTON: What time did you

come over here tonight?

>> It was pretty much, uh...

about an hour or so ago, right

in that range.

>> FULTON: Okay.

>> Yeah. I just want to go home

and just... ( laughs )

forget this ever happened.

>> VANYI: So this is your

classic case of husband


>> This is not the first time.

A... couple of weeks ago he came

after me with a baseball bat at

my house.

He was arrested.

>> VANYI: How long have they

been separated?

>> Uh, it's been... it's been

quite a while now.

I mean, I don't know the exact


You can talk to her about that.

>> VANYI: How long have you guys

been seeing each other, you and


>> Uh...

I don't... I mean, I don't know,

a few months or so.

I mean, I don't know.

I just want to go home, dude.

I apologize for you guys having

to come out, but when he drinks

and stuff like that, he just...

that's what I said, you guys got

him a couple weeks ago.

He came after me with a baseball

bat, and, uh...

>> FULTON: Was that down at your


>> Yeah.

>> FULTON: What happened on


>> You picked him up here.

You picked him up here, and you

guys got him with the, uh...

carrying a deadly weapon or

whatever you got him on.

I don't exactly know.

>> VANYI: All right.

Are they getting a divorce


>> Yeah, yeah.

You can talk to all her about


Yeah, she definitely, just...

>> BLACK: Tell you what, I'll

tell him to leave, get him out

of the area, and then you can

come up.

>> That's fine, that's fine.

I appreciate that.

I'm sorry, guys.

>> FULTON: So you leave your

socks on, or how's that work?

>> ( laughs ): No, I had my

socks on, man.

>> VANYI: Travis...

Travis... come here for a

second, talk to me.

Listen... before you say

anything, your wife wants to

talk to you for a second, okay?

I want you to talk to her like a


>> We're obviously done now,

so... and if you're going to

start threatening Scott and I,

I'm getting a restraining order.

>> You do what you got to do.

Whatever you feel like you need

to do.

I haven't threatened anybody


>> Yet.

>> VANYI: You came over here,

you found your wife with another


Okay, you guys have had your

problems for a good six months

or more-- I guess you haven't

been living here?


>> Off and on, yeah.

>> VANYI: So... it's a done

deal, okay?

You guys... you guys...

>> Open-and-shut case...

>> VANYI: Yeah, she's...

she's got a new one, a new


Let it live, okay?

Just call it quits if you have


That's what she's saying she

wants, all right, sir?

>> So you and Jimmy are going to

go around your parents'

neighborhood and tell everybody

I ( bleep ) another guy?

>> You hear this?

>> I'm just asking.

I'm just asking.

>> Did that come out of my


>> Travis...

>> FULTON: This book right here

has all the information you're

ever going to need about

domestic violence, okay?

Anything you need, if you need

counseling, if you need to talk

to somebody, if you need a

shelter, it's in this book,


>> VANYI: Steph, if he bothers

you, you call 911, we come and

we deal with him, okay?

That's how it works.

But hey, I say it's over.

Okay? All right.

( sighs ): All right, sir, I

guess we're finished.

I am going to stick around.

Um, we're going to get him out

of here, but I also need you to

go as well, okay?

>> All right...

>> VANYI: Just so there's no


>> I already told you I'm


>> VANYI: Okay. Listen, I...

I just need you to understand

that if you come over here and

you bother her, you're going to

end up in jail needlessly.

>> Right. I understand.

>> VANYI: Okay? And don't put