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‘Crack Is Wack’

Posted 6 hours ago | Views: 717

Members of the Pinellas Country Sheriff’s Office search a car after observing bizarre traffic behavior and a paranoid driver.

Look At That Camera

Posted Yesterday | Views: 36

A man insists he has done nothing wrong, but the cops have footage.

Brawl On The First Day Of Therapy

Posted Yesterday | Views: 8,518

Ray Lewis and Dr. Conte watch in awe as the coaches try to start a brawl during their very first activity. It becomes apparent just how much work needs to be done here.

‘What Will Your Legacy Be?’

Posted Yesterday | Views: 8,065

Ray Lewis delivers an impassioned speech to the newly arrived coaches.

Will Taffer Rescue The Same Bar Twice?

Posted January 30, 2015 | Views: 2,618

Second Base sports bar in California briefly enjoyed massive profits before falling into disarray in the midst of fierce competition. Will Jon Taffer find a way for this bar to succeed?