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The Source Of Coach Brandi’s Anger

Posted Yesterday | Views: 816

During her individual therapy session with Ray Lewis & Dr. Conte, Brandi shares some very harrowing details about her domestic life as a younger woman.

Coaches Rappel Down 200 Foot Cliff

Posted Yesterday | Views: 671

It’s impossible to safely descend a sheer rock face by yourself, it takes a team. The “Coaching Bad” coaches need to forego their individual competitive spirits to achieve success.

Ray Lewis & Dr. Conte Find Shocking News

Posted Yesterday | Views: 79

While going through files on each coach, some very disturbing news is uncovered. Ray Lewis & Dr. Conte spring into action.

'This Chicken Isn't Cooked!'

Posted Yesterday | Views: 891

As the staff at Heat Restaurant & Lounge struggles to make ends meet, the kitchen sends out sub-par fare.

Brand Renovation Concept: Bar Elé

Posted Yesterday | Views: 754

Jon Taffer makes one of his more substantial makeovers after he turns Heat Lounge from a dud to a Florida nightlife hotspot.