Prisoners Out of Control
World’s Worst Drivers Caught on Tape 1
World’s Worst Drivers Caught on Tape 2
Gangland: Blood in the Streets
Gangland: From Girl to Gangster
Gangland: Gangster, Inc.
Gangland: You Rat, You Die
Gangland: Sin City
Gangland: Army of Hate
Gangland: Street Law

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  • Date Time Episode
  • Sunday
    July 13
    9:00AM Project Hocus Focus: Roll Cage
    How-to design, bend, and weld up a sanctioned roll cage for our low-buck rally race. Plus: remote air bag tech.
    9:30AM Heavy Hitter Hemi: Modern 426
    SAM build team transforms late model Hemi into 426" street fighter with an Edelbrock competition supercharger.
    10:00AM “Hemi JK”: V8 Swap Completion
    Tech details on completing a Jeep Hemi engine swap with how-to integrate new cooling, fuel, electrical and exhaust systems.
    10:30AM Grocery Gladiator: Smooth Shave
    We lower our Dodge wagon, shave its roof rack, install a fresh air hood and apply an accent paint job.
  • Sunday
    July 20
    9:00AM Rock Bouncer: Rock Race Axles
    How-to build bomb-proof axles with custom trusses, spools, and giant shafts to conquer extreme rock bouncer races.
    9:30AM Barely Legal Mustang Part 3: Cockpit Tech
    Team sets up their Fox-body Mustang for the track with roll cage, buckets, rear seat delete plus trick fuel and exhaust systems.
    10:00AM “Hemi JK”: Mid-Arm Articulation
    How-to lift our Hemi Jeep with mid-arm suspension and a Dana 44 front diff for more articulation and grip.
    10:30AM Go With the Flow: Performance Pump Tech
    Money Saving How-To: rebuilding fuel, water and oil pumps for more muscle car performance and reliability.