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  • Saturday
    July 26
    9:00AM Hot Wheels
    ’70s sandrail dune racer with rally hemi heads; 1965 replica Mustang pool table; off-road racing gear
    9:30AM Battle Bought
    Mint 1800s French "Harmonica Pistol" and a collection of '90s remote controlled combat robots.
    10:00AM High Flying Ton
    A nerdy auction buyer tests Ton and Allen’s patience at a big container auction in Ventura. The guys discover a basket and burners for a hot air...
    10:30AM Mr. Haff Goes to Washington
    Ton and Allen invade the Nation’s capital, but meet strong resistance from local bidders. The guys uncover a Civil War era black powder revolver...
    11:00AM Ton’s Hot Commodity
    Allen is late to the auction, leaving Ton to battle a feisty female auction buyer on his own! The guys find a fully functional flamethrower and a...
    11:30AM Allen’s Ruff Day
    Ton and Allen head to an auction in Ton’s hometown and end up battling with a big-mouthed buyer. They discover a pair of tranquilizer dart guns...
    12:00PM Friends in Hawaii Places
    Allen &Ton enlist an assistant, Carolyn, and Allen’s Hawaiian buddy, Junior, to help them battle local buyers. The guys find a WWII-era motor...
    12:30PM Dead Aim
    Ton & Allen face-off against an auction buyer with shady bidding tactics and even more questionable fashion sense. The guys find a custom-built...
    1:00PM Always Money in Philadelphia
    In Philadelphia, the guys face a shady bidder with inside information and former NFL star Vince Papale in a battle for a vintage football passing...
    1:30PM Don’t Taze Me Bro
    Two fierce opponents best Ton and Allen at the auction, leaving the duo in the lurch with a “trash unit” and little chance of breaking even for the...