Cops O: Nothing to See Here
Cops O: I'll Raise My Voice Right Back!
Cops O: Not My Text Messages
Cops O: Fight and Flight
Cops O: Brotherly Love
Cops O: Pistol Packin' Families
Cops O: Nothing to See Here
Cops O: Not My Text Messages
Cops O: Brotherly Love
Cops O: I'll Raise My Voice Right Back!
Cops O: Fight and Flight
Cops O: Pistol Packin' Families
  • Time Show Episode
  • Wednesday, December 6
  • 9:00AM Cops Naked Perps #1624 TV-PG
    In Oregon, Officer Preston detains a male suspect prowling a neighborhood clad only in a pair of tight pink panties. In Iowa, Officer Coughlin...
  • 9:30AM Cops Resisting Arrest #1609 TV-PG
    In Ohio, Officers Manson and Wieczorkowski are forced to use a taser gun on an uncooperative female suspect. In Washington, Sergeant Hartman comes...
  • 10:00AM Cops Seattle/Tacoma #1312# TV-PG
    In Seattle/Tacoma, Deputies Kolp and Lofing-Newman embark on a high-speed chase; Deputy Wulick is forced to handcuff a suspect wanted on...
  • 10:30AM Cops Coast to Coast #1706 TV-PG
    In Texas, Officer Straten makes a traffic stop and observes as one man unexpectedly jumps out of the vehicle. In Las Vegas, Officer Spencer...
  • 11:00AM Cops Seattle/Tacoma #1319# TV-PG
    In Seattle/Tacoma, Deputy Carlson gives chase when a driver fails to comply with instructions to pull off the road; Deputy Galloway arrests an...
  • 11:30AM Cops Coast to Coast #1509# TV-PG
    In Las Vegas, Officers Ryan and Roberts search a man they observed leaving a known drug house. In California, Officer Larson arrests a defiant...
  • 12:00PM Cops Mardi Gras #1701 TV-PG
    In New Orleans, Sergeant Miller arrests a suspect after he allegedly exposes himself in exchange for beads. Officer D'Arensbourg detains an amorous...
  • 12:30PM Cops New Jersey #1329# TV-PG
    In New Jersey, Officers Kot and Romanski arrest a young suspect who allegedly attempted to dispose of some drugs during a foot chase; Officers Kot...
  • 1:00PM Cops Coast to Coast #1510# TV-PG
    In New Mexico, Officers Carter and Ferner participate in a sting operation designed to capture unsuspecting bike thieves. In Florida, Sergeant...
  • 1:30PM Cops Coast to Coast #1404# TV-PG
    In Texas, Officers Mendoza and Maldonaldo draw their weapons after they observe a suspect participate in an alleged drug transaction. In Iowa,...
  • 2:00PM Cops Coast to Coast #1412# TV-PG
    In California, Deputy Pelayee arrests an initially cooperative suspect who suddenly erupts in anger after being placed in back of a squad car. In...
  • 2:30PM Cops Coast to Coast #1607 TV-PG
    In California, Officer Browning pursues a motorcyclist and his passenger in a dangerous 100 mph chase. In Florida, Deputy Dieujuste helps sort out...
  • 3:00PM Cops Coast to Coast #1407# TV-PG
    In Florida, Officer Dennison is dispatched to investigate a burglary-in-progress at a local warehouse filled with expensive merchandise. In...
  • 3:30PM Cops Ho! Ho! Ho! *1634* TV-PG
    In Kansas, Officer Crowe poses as a “john” during an undercover sting operation designed to apprehend alleged street level prostitutes. In...
  • 4:00PM Cops O Pinky Promise TV-PG
    A sleeping motorist greets deputies with a foul mood. The cops respond to reports of a suspicious person, only to uncover much more. A young woman...
  • 4:30PM Cops O Thanks for Nothing, Mom
    A teenager makes an adult decision and calls the cops on her neighbor. When a young mother chooses violence, grandma phones the police. Deputies...
  • 5:00PM Cops O Dog Treats and Delinquents
    A repeat offender takes the police on a bumpy ride. A deputy schools a couple of teens after he discovers them in a parked car. A woman is shocked...
  • 5:30PM Cops O Crying Over Spilled Milk TV-PG
    A suspected car thief ditches his ride when police spot him. Officers are called to a bar when an enraged man pulls out a knife. An argument over a...
  • 6:00PM Friends The One With Phoebe's Husband TV-PG
    Everyone is surprised when Phoebe's husband shows up.
  • 6:30PM Friends The One With Russ TV-PG
    Joey gets a great acting opportunity. Rachel dates a guy who is amazingly similar to Ross. Series star DAVID SCHWIMMER plays a dual role.
  • 7:00PM Friends The One With The Lesbian Wedding
    Carol and Susan prepare for their wedding, with some help from an uncomfortable Ross. MARLO THOMAS and CANDACE GINGRICH guest star.
  • 7:30PM Friends The One After The Superbowl, pt 1 TV-PG
    Ross searches for his former pet monkey. Joey dates an obsessed fan. BROOKE SHIELDS, CHRIS ISAAK, ROARK CRITCHLOW, FRED WILLARD and TAHJ MOWRY...
  • 8:00PM Friends The One After The Superbowl, pt 2 TV-PG
    Ross spends some quality time with Marcel, his former pet monkey. Chandler gets a big surprise from a sexy former classmate. JULIA ROBERTS and...
  • 8:30PM Friends The One With The Prom Video
    Monica's old home video shows Ross' true feelings for Rachel. Joey gives a gaudy gift to Chandler
  • 9:00PM The Matrix (1999) Matrix, The (1999)
    A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers.
  • Thursday, December 7
  • 12:30AM The Matrix Reloaded (2003) Matrix Reloaded, The (2003)
    Neo and the rebel leaders estimate that they have 72 hours until 250,000 probes discover Zion and destroy it and its inhabitants. During this, Neo...