Xtreme Off Road: Building the Perfect UTV
Engine Power: The return of project Pro Street or No-Street Nova
Detroit Muscle: Caddy Drivetrain and Chevelle Stripes
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)
The Italian Job (2003): Italian Job, The (2003)
Cops O: Highway to Jail
Cops O: British Invasion
Cops O: Cruisin' the Neighborhood
Cops O: We Run the Show
Cops O: Hit and Run
Cops O: Odd Man Out
Cops O: Highway to Jail
  • Time Show Episode
  • Tuesday, October 31
  • 9:00AM Ink Master Earn It! TV-14
    A new crop of talented and cutthroat Artists learn they must first earn an Ink Master shop by tattooing 100’s of canvases Convention Style.
  • 10:00AM Ink Master X-Men's Hugh Jackman
    The Artists ink X-Men superfans with iconic X-Men characters in the first ever color portrait challenge. The Ultimate authority chooses the winner…...
  • 11:00AM Ink Master Artist Slaughter TV-14
    Halo hears smack talk & gets revenge. Drama erupts when broken-hearted Canvases want tattoos they got for their exes covered. Kyle starts to crack...
  • 12:00PM Ink Master Ink Master Explosion TV-14
    Kyle can’t take the heat anymore & takes it out on Nunez. The Flash Challenge gets more explosive when the Artists use Gunpowder to make Art. King...
  • 1:00PM Ink Master Fighting Dirty
    The Artists make mouth grills for champion boxer Brandon Rios. A fight with a Canvas ends in disaster. Jay’s plan to take out Scott results in an...
  • 2:00PM Ink Master Tag Team Tatt TV-14
    One of the biggest twists in Ink Master history has Artists depending on each other to survive. One Artist wages a full on attack. The fight for...
  • 3:00PM Ink Master Karma's a Bitch
    Artists board a yacht for a bird’s eye view of the Statue of Liberty, but a surprise leaves them panicking. As the fight intensifies, one Artist...
  • 4:00PM Ink Master Fight to the Finish
    The top 4 Artists fight for a spot in the Live Finale in 2 epic final challenges. Artists ink Breast Cancer Survivors’ scars & then cover some of...
  • 5:00PM Ink Master Ink Master Finale TV-14
    Artists & Judges come face to face and sparks will fly as old wounds are opened & secrets are revealed. The final 3 reveal their massive tattoos &...
  • 6:00PM Friends The One That Could Have Been, Pt 1
    The friends fantasize that Rachel (JENNIFER ANISTON) and Ross (DAVID SCHWIMMER) are in respective loveless marriages; Monica (COURTENEY COX...
  • 6:30PM Friends The One That Could Have Been, Pt 2
    In the speculative fantasy, Ross (DAVID SCHWIMMER) initiates romantic advances with his wife Carol (JANE SIBBETT); Chandler (MATTHEW PERRY) and...
  • 7:00PM Friends The One With Unagi TV-PG
    Chandler (MATTHEW PERRY) gets into trouble with his homemade gift for Monica (COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE). Ross (DAVID SCHWIMMER) tries to teach...
  • 7:30PM Friends The One With The Red Sweater TV-PG
    Monica (COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE) and Phoebe (LISA KUDROW) try to figure out who might be the father of Rachel's baby. Chandler (MATTHEW PERRY)...
  • 8:00PM Friends The One With The Videotape TV-PG
    In the midst of an argument over who seduced whom first – Ross (DAVID SCHWIMMER) or Rachel (JENNIFER ANISTON) – it is announced that the whole...
  • 8:30PM Friends The One With The Rumor
    In this Thanksgiving episode, special guest star BRAD PITT plays Will, Monica's high school friend, who was the only student fatter than Monica...
  • 9:00PM Ink Master: Angels Smells Like Seattle Spirit TV-14
    Local Artists are put to the test as the Angels set their sights on the Emerald City. To earn a spot on Ink Master, one Local Artist moves on to...
  • 10:00PM Ink Master: Angels Angels in Hotlanta TV-14
    The Angels are on the hunt to find Atlanta’s best Artist. A spot on Ink Master is on the line when a Local Artist faces off against an Angel,...
  • 11:00PM Tattoo Nightmares Terri-Bull
    Big Gus uses his talent to give a birthday girl the perfect present, while Tommy attempts to amp up a musician’s out-of-date edgy mistake, and...
  • 11:30PM Tattoo Nightmares Dr. Death
    Jasmine goes up against a horrific reminder of just how explosive relationships can be, Gus fights off a grim tattoo so evil that it's left a trail...