Beverly Hills Cop (1984): Beverly Hills Cop
Beverly Hills Cop (1984): Beverly Hills Cop
Road House (1989)
Fast Five (2011)
Training Day (2001)
Cops O: Who Let the Dogs Out?
Road House (1989)
Fast Five (2011)
Training Day (2001)
  • Time Show Episode
  • Sunday, August 27
  • 9:00AM Xtreme Off Road The Jeepster Commando
    A 1968 Jeepster Commando becomes the foundation for a hardcore dual-purpose trail rig.
  • 9:30AM Engine Power Pro Street or No Street Nova - Part II
    This Nova is no joke. It receives its massive power plant, bullet-proof trans and rear-end, plus all the little odds and ends to bring it into the...
  • 10:00AM PowerNation Klassy K5 blast & body work, Silverado IFS upgrades
    The '89 Blazer gets stripped to bare metal for repair, and our SuperMax Silverado is treated to front suspension & fuel delivery upgrades, plus...
  • 10:30AM Detroit Muscle Chevelle Inside Out
    The Detroit Muscle guys install a brand new interior in their ’72 Chevelle project, including all the wiring and trim.
  • 11:00AM Bar Rescue Jon Ain't Afraid of No Ghost TV-PG
    Jon Taffer is forced to stir up a different type of spirit than he's used to in order to save haunted bar with a cursed past.
  • 12:00PM Bar Rescue Drunk & Dirty Dolls TV-PG
    This Vegas motorsports bar has come off the track thanks to an inept owner & a staff of busty cougars. Can Jon create a new & classy concept to tap...
  • 1:00PM Bar Rescue Play. Some. Janet. Jackson! TV-PG
    Las Vegas' first gay nightclub, Gipsy, is months from closing its doors thanks to its verbally abusive and over intoxicated owner. Can Jon rescue...
  • 2:00PM Bar Rescue Two Flew Over The Handlebars TV-PG
    Two buxom sisters have driven their biker bar in Pawcatuck, Connecticut into a ditch. Can Jon get these party women to stop binge drinking and...
  • 3:00PM Bar Rescue Take Me Out of the Bar Game TV-PG
    A retired professional baseball player turned bar owner strikes out as his intoxicated staff gives away his profits. Can Jon Taffer fix his slump...
  • 4:00PM Bar Rescue Tears For Beers TV-PG
    Bar Expert Jon Taffer fights to save a terminally hip bar on 6th St in Austin, TX that is too cool for its own customers. If he fails it will not...
  • 5:00PM Bar Rescue Back to the Bar: Drunky McDrunkerton Returns TV-PG
    Biker-gloves are off as Taffer confronts the leopard-print lovin’ ladies of The Handlebar, while Janet Jackson-playing bartender Brandon,...
  • 6:00PM Bar Rescue Corking the Hole TV-PG
    13 miles from Fort Bragg, Cliques suffers from a juvenile name and a repugnant reputation. Jon puts the owners through his personal bar boot camp...
  • 7:00PM Bar Rescue Rickety Rockin' Rhonda's TV-PG
    It’s a race against the clock as Jon Taffer tries to rescue a crumbling bar with a crumbling floor.
  • 8:00PM 2017 MTV Video Music Awards 2017 MTV Video Music Awards TV-14
  • 11:00PM Bar Rescue Beer and Loathing in Las Vegas TV-PG
    Hammers is a watering hole for blue-collar locals, owned and operated by two classically trained chefs and former friends. Taffer arrives to...