• Time Show Episode
  • Tuesday, March 25
  • 2:00PM Bar Rescue In a Pinch TV-PG
    Lona's Wardlow Station has locals upset over a controversial lobster tank game. Can Jon Taffer bring peace and profitability back to this...
  • 3:00PM Bar Rescue Hostile Takeover TV-PG
    A heavy drinking owner of an Irish sports bar is the subject of a hostile takeover...by his co-owners!
  • 4:00PM Bar Rescue Punch-Drunk & Trailer-Trashed TV-PG
    A dysfunctional family’s feuding pushes Jon Taffer to the limit. Will their outrageous antics force Taffer into an extreme decision?
  • 5:00PM Bar Rescue Critters and Quitters TV-PG
    A raccoon infestation threatens to exterminate this member's only bar in Kansas.
  • 6:00PM Ink Master Earn It! TV-14
    A new crop of talented and cutthroat Artists learn they must first earn an Ink Master shop by tattooing 100’s of canvases Convention Style.
  • 7:00PM Ink Master Bug Out TV-14
    One artist snaps and is determined to leave the competition. Live poisonous scorpions, tarantulas and eyeballs are tattooed.
  • 8:00PM Ink Master Tatt Ganged TV-14
    Bikini clad twins try to endure the remaining 10 tattoo artists all drilling them at once. An injury sends one Artist to the emergency ward.
  • 9:00PM Ink Master Nude & Tattooed TV-14
    The Artists get up close and awkward with naked Canvases. The game is on when one Artist screws everyone over. New York Yankees Legend CC Sabathia...
  • 10:00PM Ink Master X-Men's Hugh Jackman TV-14
    The Artists ink X-Men superfans with iconic X-Men characters in the first ever color portrait challenge. The Ultimate authority chooses the winner…...
  • 11:00PM Tattoo Nightmares Wolf Grind TV-14
    A client stuns Gus with the shocking secret of her two-timing ex, a cage fighter pleads with Tommy to release him from a tattoo causing him daily...
  • 11:30PM Tattoo Nightmares Jumping the Gun TV-14
    Jasmine attempts to exorcize an Irish curse that left her client writhing on the side of the road. Tommy tries to erase the scars left behind by a...
  • Wednesday, March 26
  • 9:00AM Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol TV-14
    A biker on a stolen motorcycle is bumped off by a pursuing officer. A pickup skids across an icy interstate and hits a semi. A man drives his...
  • 10:00AM Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol TV-14
    Police are in pursuit of three men in a stolen car. An officer makes a routine traffic stop, when the suspect flees. A car has stalled on a set...
  • 11:00AM Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol TV-14
    Cops confront a seemingly suicidal man up in a tree. Police chase a distraught man who threatened his parents, and takes off in the family...
  • 12:00PM Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol TV-14
    A pursuit of a bank robber ends with a “demolition derby” and a partial roll over of the suspect’s truck. A man armed with a brick enters a...
  • 1:00PM Cops Coast to Coast #1503 TV-PG
    In Washington, Deputy Martin engages a motorcyclist on a wild chase. With the assistance of a confiditional informant, Oregon Deputies Yohe and...