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Pitch Perfect (2012): Pitch Perfect
  • Time Show Episode
  • Friday, March 7
  • 9:00AM Gangland Kill 'Em All TV-14
    "The Best Friends," a ruthless gang of contract killers, have stalked the east side of Detroit since 1985. The Feds say the gang was responsible...
  • 10:00AM Gangland Murder By Numbers TV-14
    "Murder by Numbers" examines one of the largest and most violent gangs in Los Angeles County. It's estimated that 18th Street has more than 20,...
  • 11:00AM Gangland Sex, Money, Murder TV-14
    In Trenton, NJ, drugs are the business of these mean streets, and one notorious gang calls the shots:  Sex Money Murder. The war between Sex Money...
  • 12:00PM Gangland Texas Terror TV-14
    They are the most feared Tejano gang in the Lone Star State, yet few have heard of them. The Syndicate is managed like an elite business, with a...
  • 1:00PM Gangland Silent Slaughter TV-14
    Colorado Springs has been overrun by anarchy and violence ... the culprit...Colorado's largest motorcycle gang- The Sons of Silence. Many members...
  • 2:00PM Gangland Blood in the Streets TV-14
    "Blood in the Streets" chronicles one of Hartford, Connecticut's most ruthless gangs, Los Solidos or "The Solid Ones."
  • 3:00PM Gangland Basic Training TV-14
    "Basic Training" takes an inside look at the infiltration of street gangs into the United States military.  Gang members in uniform are...
  • 4:00PM Cops Coast to Coast #1711 TV-PG
    In California,Officers Gonzalez and Reynoso pursue and tackle an alleged drug dealer.In Kentucky, Officers Hamblin and Gangwish make their way to...
  • 4:30PM Cops Resisting Arrest #1609 TV-PG
    In Ohio, Officers Manson and Wieczorkowski are forced to use a taser gun on an uncooperative female suspect. In Washington, Sergeant Hartman comes...
  • 5:00PM Cops Chases and Takedowns #2012 TV-PG
    In Portland, Officers Delenikos and Shaw drag an alleged drug dealer to the ground before he can swallow two bags of drugs. In Spokane, Officer...
  • 5:30PM Jail TV-14
    Take an inside look at the jails of Fort Myers, FL, Austin, TX, and Wayne, NJ.
  • 6:00PM Cops Coast to Coast #2008 TV-PG
    In Oregon, Officers Lindsey and McMurray arrest an alleged drug dealer. In Florida, Deputy Wilkinson arrests a man for allegedly driving under the...
  • 6:30PM Cops Bad Girls #1823 TV-PG
    In Tennessee, Officer Williams questions two suspects in an area known for drug activity. In Alaska, Officers Blanton and Anderson are forced to...
  • 7:00PM Cops Neighborhood Busts #2106 TV-PG
    In Florida, Sergeant Grant and Detective MacDougall investigate a tip involving the delivery of a package containing marijuana.In Texas, Deputy...
  • 7:30PM Cops Coast to Coast #2118 TV-PG
    In Florida, Detectives Romero and LaCerra assist an undercover narcotics unit. In California, Deputy Mason makes a routine traffic stop and...
  • 8:00PM Cops What? Who Me? #2126# TV-PG
    In Florida, Deputies Samaroo and Lerner approach several men observed gambling on a street. In Florida, Deputy White and Detective Bright detain a...
  • 8:30PM Cops Back to Broward County #2127# TV-PG
    In Florida, Detectives Redl and Costanzo pursue an alleged hit-and-run driver; Detective Cuesta arrests a suspect who allegedly participated in a...
  • 9:00PM Bellator MMA Bellator MMA Live #1002 NR
    Bellator is live in Thackerville, Oklahoma with Eduardo Dantas stepping into the cage to put his bantamweight world title on the line in a five...
  • 11:15PM Best of Glory Super Fight Series Best of Glory Super Fight Series TV-14
    Six non-stop action bouts from Glory Kickboxing stars Glory Collette, Saulo Cavalari, Raymond Daniels, Sergei Kharitonov and more. Super Fight...
  • Saturday, March 8
  • 12:15AM Cops Morons on Parade #2128# TV-PG
    In California, Deputy Bonnet responds to a report about a man firing a gun in his front yard. In Las Vegas, Officer Hafen sorts out a domestic...
  • 12:45AM Cops Anger Management #2129# TV-PG
    In Las Vegas, Officer Monroe assists another officer who was forced to strike an uncooperative suspect with his baton. In California, Deputy Bonnet...
  • 1:15AM Cops Liar Liar #2130# TV-PG
    In Florida, Detective Cuesta makes a traffic stop. In Las Vegas, Officer Ochoa sorts out a domestic dispute involving a woman, her ex-boyfriend and...
  • 1:45AM 1000 Ways to Die Death: One Size Fits All TV-14
    Disabled phony gets the shaft, cryogenics scammer gets frozen out, female oil wrestler goes down, drivers ed teacher loses control, bakery worker...
  • 2:15AM 1000 Ways to Die That's "Mister Death" To You TV-14
    A jersey chaser gets plugged; OCD-er dies cleaning; Terrorist eats himself to death; Animal abuser gets dog boned; Massage parlor patron gets...
  • 2:45AM 1000 Ways to Die Sudden Death TV-14
    Japanese rocker dies onstage; Prison inmate blows escape attempt; Sexiled roommate gets revenge; Vain dancer sucks it up; Dumb terrorists melt...
  • 3:15AM 1000 Ways to Die Grave Decisions TV-14
    Politico has a sneezing fit, a gun toting old man blows up, a woman with road rage gets one in the gut, a shocking end for a convict, a dirty biker...
  • 3:45AM 1000 Ways to Die Death Bites! TV-14
    Chubby chaser lands a big one, Frat boy suffers fart burn, A fiddler hits a bad note, An ex-con gets exterminated, A french maid dusts off the...